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Welcome to the Almarah Foundation, where kindness meets dedication. Almarah Foundation, an independent non-governmental organization, was established on June 4th, 2021, to provide comprehensive care to orphaned and adopted children who need fundamental necessities. We believe that through offering a nurturing home atmosphere as well as permitting the upcoming generation, we can change lives and shape futures. We are a lot more than a non-profit organization. We promise to nurture, educate, and empower every child who passes through our doors; our dedication goes beyond simple charity.


Almarah Foundation is a light of compassion and optimism that shines beyond cultural, religious, and political barriers. We are steadfastly committed to preserving human life and dignity. Mr. Maj (R) Rasheed Warraich the founder of this organization spent his whole life serving poor and needy people. The incumbent Chairperson of the foundation, Mrs. Sophiya Rasheed is the daughter of the late Rasheed Warraich and carries the legacy of her father.

Almarah Foundation Pakistan was registered as a non-government & non-political organization with a mission to work for the welfare of orphans, unattended and homeless children. To look after the kids as per recognized standards, the foundation gives special attention to the health, hygiene, mental health, and education of the kids with sports and entertainment provisions.
Our financial resources were limited in the early stages of the Almarah Foundation, along the group we had was made up of only a few individuals who volunteered. The way we have traveled has not merely shaped the purpose of our organization. Still, it has additionally instilled in us the conviction that our efforts have affected

countless lives throughout our country and around the world. The path ahead might be difficult, but through the generosity of the people around us, acts as a volunteer and Allah’s blessings, we’re assured that the Almarah Foundation will keep striving to be an icon of optimism for future generations.

The Almarah Foundation is a lot more than an orphanage near me it is a symbol of hope for orphaned as well as adopted children in our community. Our mission as an orphanage near me goes beyond traditional charitable efforts by aiming to make a long-term difference in the lives of vulnerable children. By establishing a nurturing environment, we enable these children to overcome obstacles and acknowledge their true potential.
As a dedicated non-governmental organization, our orphanage near me fully impacts the community through fostering the well-being, health, and education of the children in our custody. Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that pays attention to their fundamental needs and fosters their overall growth. The Almarah Foundation collaborates with partners, supporters, and members of the community to build a society that is more fair and compassionate. Collectively, we serve to create an environment in which every kid, irrespective of circumstances, flourishes at our orphanage near me.


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Almarah Foundation Pakistan (AFP) has come up with a new social project of feed the hungry to feed the underprivileged people and for the people who are unable to get the basic food. “Almarah Foundation” is providing free meals daily to needy people. “Almarah foundation” is doing this service since 1995 and now we are setting up some new “Feed the Hungry” projects across the country. You can be a part of this by denoting a single meal to as much as you can spare for the betterment of the dejected community. Continue Reading



Educate Pakistan Program Almarah foundation has vision that every person deserve dignity, love and equal opportunities and In order for the entire world to really become equal, it needs to start with education. Underprivileged children often have no access to quality education and to curb this, Almarah Foundation is setting up a well-equipped school in Lahore.Continue Reading



Almarah Foundation Pakistan (AFP) has taken initiative to support over 1,500 orphan children through the “Orphan Care program”. A shelter home has been established to facilitate these orphans. This shelter home has state of the art facilities like school, hostels, books, meals and health care facilities. Anyone can be a part of this service of an orphan caring program to transform the child’s life for good.Continue Reading


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