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Feed the Hungry and we aspire to be like helpers. So we serve all people. No matter their religion, ethnicity, or gender.


To establish a shelter home for orphans contain in-house boarding school and health care facilities.


Bringing Hope To Life.


Almarah Foundation Pakistan is one of the leading, non-profit organizations, fully dedicated to humanitarian services since 1995. Almarah workers and volunteers continue to work tirelessly for the relief of hungry people across Pakistan. Our dedicated services include, health and education services, for orphan and feed the hungry.
Almarah Foundation Pakistan being non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization is committed to serving humanity especially vulnerable and orphans without any kind of discrimination to contribute in their well-being of health, education, financial sustainability, livelihood, shelter, by means of resource mobilization and developing partnership with NGOs, other concerned public & private organizations, supporting, engaging in and during useful programs and doing all such acts, deeds and things required to achieves above with integrity.


For those helpless children and people who need it every minutes.

Our History

Feed the hungry program was first started by Maj (R) Rasheed Warraich (late) in 1995. Latter on financial help was also included. Since then millions of people has been feed through this program and hundreds of families are being financially help each month. This process of serving is never interrupted by any national or international disaster. After the sad demise of Rasheed Warraich sb in 2003 this mission was taken by his daughter, who not only continue this service but also enhance it by every day.


  • To alleviate hunger by providing food assistance to the needy and marginalized sections of the population.
  • To provide educational assistance to the needy and deserving children
    from the needy and marginalized section of the population and to establish promote, finance and round educational institutions of all kind
  • To provide financial assistance for arranging the marriages of the girls from the needy and marginalized sections of the population
  • To provide financial assistance from arranging suitable healthcare for the need and marginalized section of population
  • To generally aid and perform charity actions for the betterment of the population, particularly in relation to health issues, economics and social problems, social concerns and crisis relief
  • To create awareness for the welfare and betterment of the population
  • To collaborate with other charitable organizations for the fulfilment of the objectives
  • To collaborate and receive aid from donors, for the charitable purpose
  • To enter into agreement, contracts and arrangements with Governments, organizations, intuitions, and bodies for the purpose of carrying out objectives
  • To establish, subsidize promote, cooperate with, become member of the act as or appoint trustee agents s or delegates