The Almarah Foundation‘s largest program, “Parent the Orphan” is dedicated to providing orphaned children with an affectionate home and the essentials for survival. The program, which has its roots in the notion of love and support from families, makes sure every child gets the attention and safety they need. The program meets the needs of without parents’ children by creating a child adoption center with compassionate surroundings that offer not only shelter but also emotional support.

The foundation works to place these kids with lasting, affectionate families by doing the child adoption process and creating secure and nurturing surroundings at home. Furthermore, “Parent the Orphan” hopes to spread empathy and modifications by highlighting the value of adoption and giving countless kids the opportunity to commit to a better future. The foundation works hard to change people’s lives and provide every underprivileged child with a network of affection and a sense of community through its primary focus on child adoption.


At Almarah Foundation, we believe that every child deserves a nurturing environment where they can thrive and reach their full potential. With your help, we can be like merciful parents to these vulnerable souls, offering them not just shelter and sustenance, but also guidance, education, and hope for a brighter future.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of orphans by volunteering, donating, or spreading awareness. Together, let’s create a world where every child feels cherished and empowered, regardless of their circumstances.

Together, let’s be the beacon of light in the lives of these precious children. Be like a merciful parent to orphans with Almarah Foundation.



Today, the fact that humble beginnings is growing into 9 child adoption centers, which all have the identical name “Apna Ghar” representing the foundation’s dedication to giving devoted homes to homeless children.
For 200 children, these centers are now sources of hope, providing them with protection and an overwhelming feeling of being accepted in addition to shelter. The Almarah Foundation is still committed to making sure that every kid realizes a loving family through adoption, and this commitment is demonstrated by the spread of “Apna Ghar” centers throughout communities. By proving that every kid deserves the security of having a place they can call home, the foundation confirms its commitment to providing affection and kindness to children who need it the greatest with each new facility.


The Almarah Foundation‘s deep commitment to “Our Kids” the beloved recipients of our care, is at the core of its purpose. Every child that comes into our care is not only given a secure environment but they are also raised to become self-assured adults. We have sought the assistance of psychologists because we recognize the lasting effects of past traumas and want to ensure that our kids thrive in the face of adversity.

We work to heal their wounds and give them adaptability and confidence through constant love, cares, and support. Furthermore, because we understand the life- changing effect of education, we are dedicated to giving our kids the resources they require to succeed in school and beyond. With all the resources and opportunities at their disposal, “Our Kids” are able to face life’s obstacles head-on and do it with bravery and grace because they know they are loved, appreciated, and capable of achieving their goals.